So often we ask for others to pray for us, but we don't find out what the results are.  I would like us to pray for one another and then find out how God has worked.  Sometimes God answers "yes" "no" or "later" but there is always an answer.  We ask for prayers and God answers and people say it was a "coincidence" but we know better. 


It is wonderful to see how prayers are answered.  Send your prayer requests.  We don't need last names, just a first name or relationship, example - son, daughter, neighbor, God knows who it is.  Then let us know how God answers.  


Pray for Tom.  He is now able to have knee surgery, they just need to find a time to schedule.

Prayers for both Gloria and Paul as they make decisions about Wendy.   Strength and peace.

Pray for Theresa.  She is now going through her radiation treatments.  Keep her lifted in prayer.


Tom had his knee surgery.  It was successful and he is home able to get around.  

Wendy is now in a care facility.  Prayers for Gloria for strength.

Theresa has completed radiation and chemo.  She is currently cancer free, Praise God.  Pray all is clear when she has her follow ups.  

Prayers for Georgianna for her back, knee and eyes.  Pray for her doctors to know how to handle everything and for her to have peace and that the pain will be reduced.

Prayers for Kami who has stage 3 kidney disease.  Pray for God's will in her life and peace.  

Prayers for Amy who is going through chemo and has breast cancer.  Please pray for her family including two little girls.  

Prayers for several in our church who have COVID or have family with COVID.  Also, pray for the medical staff that is helping these patients.  Special prayers for Dr. Wyatt as he helps families with loved ones in Hospice.

Pray for Gretchen Pearse.  Her husband Chad died of Huntington's Disease.  Also pray for her children, Gabi and Caleb.  Gretchen is Debbie Hoadley's daughter.

Prayers for Pam who will be having surgery on the upper spine October 25.  

Prayers for Lamar who is having surgery October 27 on his vocal cord.

Pam's surgery went great.  She is feeling well and is singing in choir again. Continue prayers for strength.

Lamar's surgery went great.  He is home and his voice and breathing are getting much better.