So often we ask for others to pray for us, but we don't find out what the results are.  I would like us to pray for one another and then find out how God has worked.  Sometimes God answers "yes" "no" or "later" but there is always an answer.  We ask for prayers and God answers and people say it was a "coincidence" but we know better. 


It is wonderful to see how prayers are answered.  Send your prayer requests.  We don't need last names, just a first name or relationship, example - son, daughter, neighbor, God knows who it is.  Then let us know how God answers.  



Pray for Theresa as she copes with the loss of her husband.  Holiday season is difficult.

Pray for Janet and her family, a cousin of Donna who has been diagnosed with cancer for the fourth time.

Pray for Denny's mom who has been diagnosed with COVID.

We have a member who has COVID and some that are quarantined due to exposure, praying for quick recoveries.  Prayers for safety for the rest of our church family.

Denny's mom is doing great.  

Member is back and now tests negative.

Prayers for Stella.  She broke her femur.  She had surgery, which went well.  Will be going to rehab.  Prayers all goes well and she recovers quickkly.

Pray for Gloria and quick healing after knee surgery.  Strength and peace.


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