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So often we ask for others to pray for us, but we don't find out what the results are.  I would like us to pray for one another and then find out how God has worked.  Sometimes God answers "yes" "no" or "later" but there is always an answer.  We ask for prayers and God answers and people say it was a "coincidence" but we know better. 


It is wonderful to see how prayers are answered.  Send your prayer requests.  We don't need last names, just a first name or relationship, example - son, daughter, neighbor, God knows who it is.  Then let us know how God answers.  



Prayers for Georgianna.  Her back is doing good.  Prayers needed to knees and foot.  Pray the doctors can figures out a way to relieve the pain and numbness.  Also pray for Stella, her mother.  

Prayers for Amy who is still dealing with surgeries and treatments for breast cancer.  Please pray for her family including two little girls.  Continue prayers.

Prayers for our church and other Methodist Churches for God's direction.  Also for love and peace between all the churches.  

Prayers for the people of Ukraine and God's protection.  Prayers for peace.

Pray for Kimberly Land for health issues.  Pray for God's touch on her.  Keep Kimberly in prayer and her husband.  Please also pray for Kim's parents Judy and Bob Douglas.  They are having serious health issues.  Pray recent tests will be encouraging.  

Prayers for those impacted by the fires on Maui.  Also, for others impacted by fires and natural disasters in Canada, the United States, and around the world.  

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