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So often we ask for others to pray for us, but we don't find out what the results are.  I would like us to pray for one another and then find out how God has worked.  Sometimes God answers "yes" "no" or "later" but there is always an answer.  We ask for prayers and God answers and people say it was a "coincidence" but we know better. 


It is wonderful to see how prayers are answered.  Send your prayer requests.  We don't need last names, just a first name or relationship, example - son, daughter, neighbor, God knows who it is.  Then let us know how God answers.  


Prayers for Kim Land for successful surgery and that cancer will be all gone.

Pray for Israel and the situation in the Middle East.


Kim's surgery went well.  This was a difficult time, but she is home.  Prayers for continued strength and continued freedom from cancer.  

Pray for Ukraine.

Pray for wise decisions in our country and that God's will be done.  

Pray for our military for safety during this very tense and turbulent time.  

Pray for all of our first responders as they face crime, natural disasters, chaos, and threats to their safety as they endeavor to protect us.  

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